Knitted garments manufactured in India

The garment industry has played a pioneering role in the development of multiple sectors. In India, ready-made garments are divided into two broad categories which are woven and knit products. Shirts, t-shirts and trousers are the main woven products while undergarments, shorts, sport wear, cardigans, stockings, socks, sweaters and other soft garments make up the knit garment category. Continue reading Knitted garments manufactured in India

Beginning Hand Embroidery

Below I have embedded my Embroidery Tips and Tricks pamphlet which is included with all of my embroidery patterns. I would like to use this space to dig deeper into each of these topics, one at a time. That will obviously take me some time so please stay tuned (you can sign up for the newsletter below!) and check back to learn more about my favorite hoops, fabrics, floss and stitches in a more dynamic way.

Welcome to hand embroidery! Embroidery can be a relaxing creative outlet to keep your hands busy at home or on the go. Below are some tips based on my personal experience (I am not a formally trained embroidery artist) but I encourage you to do more research online or at your local library to further your education. Find a style and solutions that work for you. Much of this information can also be found in my beginners embroidery video tutorial.

Preventing your embroidery from unraveling is super important, especially if your final piece is something that will get a lot of wear and tear like clothing. However, if your embroidery is just going to be sitting pretty on wall, then anchoring may not be as important. To start, I like to hold a tail (1-2 inches) of floss under the embroidery with my finger while I make my first few stitches. Then I maneuver that tail so that it is tacked down by the under side of the following stitches. When only a few inches of floss remain on your needle you should weave it into the underside of your stitches to secure it. Subsequent threads are easier to anchor by weaving into the back of the previous stitches. See more tips at Big City Maids at 281 631-3969. Keep the backside of your work as neat as possible and trim any excess tails. Other popular options include the anchor knot and away waste knot.